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.. will get 35-thousand dollars each. president obaaa sounding confident lawmakers in washington will reaah a ddal before we rrach the fiscal cliff. expiring tax cuts and deep spending cuts o inno effect at the enn of the reaches an agreement. peter doocy reports roomwashin. washington. ttai onastery. the fiscal - clifffwas on president obama's mind. and he told a buddhist monk that american leaders. could use his prayers obama saas: "working on this budget, need a lot of prayer"the president later saidd he's &ppoing tt take any ggod vibes republicans today indicated their party knows. concessions must be made in order to voidd the fiscal cliff. but. that's a two way street. and just because the g-o-p is on boord for new revenue. doesn't mean they're o-k with higher taxes to the tune of 1.6 triilion ddllars over 10 years..like the president wantsrepublican congressman tom price said on cnn today quotee"if we take the presidenn's deal that he has brought to the table, you know how many days that--that paas for the federal government? 2533 nnt-- 8 days. 2535 not 8 months, not 8 w
. and colorado and washington sttte are the firss to approve selling the drug like alcohol. theevote has put hese statee federal government, which marijuaaa is crimee "it simply can't go onn te way it is, it can'ttbeea big industry same timee" sam amin is a universitt f denver law professor.... he says as morr and more states legalized maaijuana for mediiall purposes, the federal goverrment looked the other -& marijuana here is viollted federra law. mmryyand's .... marijuana policy... liberal direction... this year...//. minor... possesion oo marijuana... has been reduced ...to a ...of... spending a night... d & in jail. jail. and possession of ess thhn 10 gramm useddto carry up o one yeer in jail and a thoussnd dollar finn. now the aximum is 90 days and theefine waa cut n half. palf. "so e comes ann you can see him, puts his gun llterally right here." here." volunteer firefighter is held attgunpoint. why a cop pulled himmover oo his way naay seals punisheddover a video gaaee why ttey're acccsed oo selling their secrets for software. 3 in... his.
this coming thursday. however, she'ssscheduled to travel outside the ccuntry next week. in washington, molly henneberg, &ppox news. 3 highest courtss..at least according to court administrato. administrators... the federal court system will see auuomatic uts, under the mmllion dollars. and about an enormous backlog of phaaing senator chuck grassley who's urging court administrators to put an end tt their expensiveejunkets. judges froo the ninth circuii court spent more thhn a millioo dollars on a conference in maui thhs year..... ouu medda partner, the waahington story.ian is following he 3 "the issue of judges traveling to theee judicial conferences, which are really nothing more than extended vacations on taxxayers dime are going to become a focal poont oo reformmig the judicial branch." branch."theefederal judiccary outlined its measures in whaa vague email. to read mooe abbut this story go to foo baltimore-dot-com and click n the link to the washington puarddaa. whileeyou're there be sure to check out how bltimore city wwrkers are urning ttrough your tax d
week at cal who lost a tough one friday night against washington, and a huge one with stanford and, of course, the civil war at oregon state. a very tough schedule for oregon down the stretch. >> gus: barner running. hayes pullard with the tackle. a huge day for kenjon barner. prior to that, 37 carries, 295 yards. 4 touchdowns. chip kelly and his oregon team, he has now rushed for 300 yards, officially 38 carries, 300 yards, averaging 8 yards per carry, breaking lamichael james' record most rushing yards in a game at the university of oregon. >> charles: you don't want to take a loss here for the record purpose, right? you don't wantto drop down below 300. >> gus: they hand it to him. he won't take a loss at all! kenjon barner, again, that's number five! kenjon barner with 322 yards rushing. 5 touchdowns. >> charles: they wear you down physically, but they also wear you down mentally. because they keep you thinking, and at an extremely fast rate all game long. and after a while, it's hard for those synapses to keep coming together and figuring what to do, and he waltzes into the en
... our... media partner ...// the... "washington guardian" today. today. thht revelation as the former cia director -- who always came in the front a loading dock to enter the g capitol building where he &ptestified in closed sessions. catherine herridge explains what came out in today's testimony. testimony. the former ciaa 3 news. herridge fox catherine herridge fox news. 3 "so this is the 74th year we have had turkeys raised here at the farm" parm" new at 10:30 a family run turkey farm. what makes rest. e birds a peck above the - the fiscal cliff could ggound thousands of flights. ameeica's skies. 3 in howard county ne family thanksgiving since junn.... hat's... when they ...began raising... 20-thousand ...'free-range' tuukeys../. kathleen you... to this family farm.../ - which has been opprating since effre the civil war. 3 maple lawn farms.... run by the same family for four generations... but in 1938 when ellsworth and mary got two turreys as a wedddnn gift.... (nnts shot turned into a real love story r- as they m
you love, simply. keurig. helping ou in a natural disaster. the washington couuty sheriff's office says someone stole loads of copper wire from power crews that were here to help in hricane recoverr. five trucks re raided on sunday nht bere t to lews don't let the amateur sciencee guy try to carve a umpkin with explosiies in the mmddle of the newsccst. newscast. what we're going tt do is that's jason c . lindsey, a-k-a the hooked on cience" guy on live t-vthenn ev inna e'w wapped o go, lindsey pre cut the eyes, nose and moutt inno the pumpkin and then filled the pumpkin with an explosive gas. it doosn't take a scientist to much. hen h uses e g, k pie. &p common sense says.... schools shuld teach kids hhw to wwite, includdng cursive. cursive. but one school in missouriays they're nitoshecutting cursive mply ol to computers and technology. "yyu don'ttreally need it pause if you order something online, you donnt need cursiie." sadly that's the apprch several chools are ki-thdav signature will look like? it's simple, jjst drive over the border.
girlsone male studdnt olympia, washington has ignited a controversy in a female locker room.the 45-year man, who calls hhmself cclleen francis has all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothing's beee changed. except three yearr ago he declared imself poman.so now he uses the ladies' locker room. and showers. and ssuna. fully nnde.local area swim teams with girlssaaes 6 to 18 also locker room. and showwrs. nude man lying about the locker room they were told the school's nnn-discrimination policc protects him. as a self-identiiiid transgender, he's alllwed to decide for himself wwich facilities - male or femaae - he gets to use..he college claims a state non-discrimination lawwbacks &pup its policy to allow all transgenders to use ann facility.maybe a fraternity or the football team will announce ttey''e transgender so that theyy too, can shower in the girls' locker room.60 university of washington t the - they're having none of this nonsense. attthe q-center which is a "resource center dedicated to serving anyone which incluues everyone " - they're buulding a uni
... click on... "washington guardian" ...under hot topics. phat brrngs... us to our question of hh day.should we legalize marijuuna? marijjana?this is our ffcebook page...huunreds of yoo commented on this question tonight...moot of you say it should be legalized...a few oo still oing on right now...is poin the discussion byygoing to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore new ttnight...a jury finds the former ...bowie accusee of death...ánotá guilty....f al - 7 ccarges against her simpson as accusee of murder and carrying a deadly weapon. prosecutors say simpson killed of 2011..... afterrthey got er - into annargument over loud music.simpson said she was trying to defend hersell two men accused in the de- capiiation killings of three young children are preparing po stand rial for the third ti. time. pooicarpio espinooa and adan canela rejected a plea deal resulted in a 40-yearrprison sentence. insttad, they chose to stand trial in march for the 004 murders of three yoong relatives. they were convicted of murder six years ago..but a hhgghcourt later overturned their con
, and istribbtion of marijuuna for people 21 and older.the washington 3 percent tax rate imposed on the producttthree times: when &pthe grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells ii to he retailer, aad when he retailer sells it to the customer.thh state of orrgon ad a similar measure on its ballottand it failed. 3 vooing is still taking place in new jerrsy... because of suuer stormmsandy.the state announced last week... that storm victims should qqalify as "oveeseas voterss... -3 meaning they re eligible to vote byyemail or fax.an executive order by the lieuteeant governor gives them until friiay ight to ast those eleetronic votes. 3 one day after the 3 electton.... lawmakers are gearing up to take on thh fiscal cliff.... 3 congresssremains diiided..../ -3 iih... democrats retaining control of the republiians keeping a the... president... wants the bush tax cuts... for... the wealthiest amerrcans... to expire...//. but... g-o-p leaders saa... they... will not... suppo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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